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Fun for your children, relief for you!

With over 10 years experience helping students reach individual learning goals, La Jolla LearningWorks is eager to support you and your family with School@Home Support, Educational Therapy, Enrichment Programs, and Test Prep with our new @HomeWorks: Virtual Learning Programs.

@HomeWorks: Virtual Teaching Expertise

Is the New 4th Grade Math Getting You Down?

Don't worry. Our team of educators are subject experts AND adept at how to teach those subjects using the most current curriculum and methodologies.

All of our educational coaches have completed their BA/BS degrees, have more than two years of teaching experience, plus receive specific training in the La Jolla LearningWorks way of teaching.

Subject Area Support:

  • Reading/English
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Executive Functioning / Study Skills

@HomeWorks: Benefits of One-to-One Learning

Tired of fighting with your kids over every subject and assignment?

We get it. Your role as parent is tough enough, and the newly added roles of teacher, tutor, and coach is not making things easier!

With custom-tailored, one-to-one instruction, we can bring some order, structure, and support to help tame the chaos and stress that might be part of your child’s learning challenges. We start with an assessment of your child’s specific challenges and develop a Learning Plan that is customized to you and your child's needs, preferences, and learning style.

Depending on your needs, here are just a few of the ways we can help you get back to being a parent instead of a teacher:

  • Connect directly with your child's teacher(s) to be an integrated part of the their learning
  • Supplement the instruction your child is currently receiving from their classroom teacher
  • Help your child complete school assignments and achieve specific learning goals for remediation or enrichment
  • Help your child build their own time management and independent study skills

Online Educational Therapy & Test Prep for Personalized Achievement

Worried about your child falling (even further) behind?

You have enough things to worry about. Let us take this one off your plate.

With our educational therapy & test prep programs, we can review the big picture learning goals for your child, assess where they are right now, and come up with a clear Learning Plan that ensures they get the attention they need to keep achieving their goals.

Remedial Programs

If your child was already struggling with fundamental academic skills - reading, writing, listening, math, or executive functioning - we can build their competency in these key areas with personalized instruction using proven-effective programs.

IEP Support

For students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans), we can work with you, your child, and any additional support team members to ensure they keep receiving the customized instruction that your child has come to rely on for their academic growth.

Test Prep

If your child has been working towards enrollment in a private school or preparing for college admissions, we can make sure they stay ahead of the curve and are ready to ISEE & SAT/ACT admissions exams when the time comes.

@HomeWorks: The LJLW Experience - from Home

Feeling Overwhelmed, Exhausted, and Just Can't Find The Time to Do it All?

You are not alone and you don't have to do it all by yourself.

Not only do our programs support your child's learning, but they also create a much needed break for you. We can help arrange the schedule for times when you most need that time break, helping you to free up your time and energy to establish your own life balance and make sure you have energy for your other roles in life too.

The LJLW 4-Step Approach

At La Jolla LearningWorks, we believe in creating meaningful solutions to the specific challenges you and your child are facing. Our @HomeWorks Virtual School Support Program is no different. We will use our 4-Step Approach to make sure we understand the needs, preferences, and learning styles that will be perfect fit for you and your child!

Step 1:

Identify Specific Needs

Step 2:

Create Individualized Learning Plan

Step 3:

Instructor Match & Customized Schedule

Step 4:

Monitor Progress & Give Feedback

Now Offering Daily Session Discounts - Save up to 20%

To help you and your family get through this period of distance learning, we're offering special discounted packages for daily sessions with our personalized, one-to-one virtual learning programs.

  • Each session is 50 minutes and includes a follow-up session report from your child's instructor.

Honors Package:
1-Session/Day (5 Hrs./Week) = $415

  • Valued at $490

Seminar Package:
2-Sessions/Day (10 hrs./Week) = $784

  • Valued at $980


“If you’re wondering whether virtual sessions will work for your student, I encourage you to give it a try. We have a little Kindergartner. I had a hard time imagining how a 6 year old could manage with a virtual session. We decided to give it a try and it was great! We’re so relieved we can keep his learning going while schools are on hold.” --Amy, San Diego

“My daughter was really struggling in her first year of high school, and we were desperate for help. LJLW really took the time to figure out the best overall plan for her, which included a fantastic tutor, as well as additional resources for us to contact. This is not just a company that provides tutors- they are fabulous at tackling all aspects of educational growth. We could not be more pleased, and our daughter has been energized by the time she spends with her tutor.” --Stephanie, Rancho Santa Fe

“The staff here are caring and insightful. My son benefited greatly from their extra support in the executive functioning area and has completely turned his grades around. I highly recommend La Jolla LearningWorks. They know what they are doing!” –Beth, San Diego

“I cannot begin to describe the gratitude I have for this place! My daughter and I had no idea what to expect on the ISEE exam and if it weren't for La Jolla LearningWorks, she wouldn't have done well at all… My daughter scored very well, and even got accepted!! Most importantly, she now has straight A's again at her current school which would not have been possible without La Jolla LearningWorks.”—Ronee, Carlsbad

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